The Universal Separatist

Attempted Manifesto 1: Sep Commander Clytemnestro

Posted in science fiction, separatism by alexandrosegade on May 18, 2010

“It’s highly likely that everyone will just die.”  Sep Commander Clytemnestro once noted: “There are too few echelons”

Upper, lower, reflections on the water.  Replicant understanding is a two way mirror.” The Universal Separatist Question is not about Side to Side or even Corner to Corner.

The Universal Separatist Formula is a Diagonal Echelon that cuts through the Mirror in a Diamond Pattern. The etching of the line along the surface of the mirror does not have to cut deep to be visible. a delicate interruption in the appearance is most precise and effective.

Squadron elemental unit, Sep Commander Clytemnestro, lots of static as he dictates to his computer:

  1. I don’t agree with you about anything
  2. I don’t feel connected to you
  3. I don’t know you anymore
  4. I don’t think i ever knew you
  5. I don’t want to be here, among you
  6. I don’t need this anymore
  7. I need to go away
  8. I need to go far way
  9. I need to forget about all of the people and things my eyes see
  10. I only want to see animals
  11. I only want to be with animals
  12. I only want to be alone with animals
  13. I only want to live among the animals
  14. I only want to be killed by animals
  15. And animals do not exist anymore
  16. If a person killed me I would be incredibly angry
  17. If a machine killed me I would feel cheated and angry at the people who made it
  18. If a bear killed me I would be excited
  19. If a person killed me I would be crying, and so angry
  20. I don’t want to be provoked into doing any more damage

Little did he know, as he mused over various directives, that the cryogenic suspension pods were malfunctioning, and the universal separatist manifesto would never, ever be written.

“never stand in line; just leave.”
“if it can be named, it doesn’t exist.”
“don’t even try.”

The Squadron Elemental Unit tested these “aphorisms” in the spreadsheet of his imagination as he died.


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