The Universal Separatist


Posted in Uncategorized by alexandrosegade on July 7, 2011

Other Boys and Other Stories, Vox Populi, Phildelphia, 2011

The Holoscreens recently gained consciousness, which wasn’t a surprise for everyone. “It was an inevitable mutation,” wrote Golan 83, given their advanced intelligence, designed, as they were, by the Replicants. No longer under any form of corporate or biological control, the linked network of instantaneous, non-corporeal, cross-platform media content providers has since struck partnerships across Governmental lines, providing information, entertainment, propaganda and product placement for the wealthy regimes in California, Arizona, Wyoming, Israel, New York, and Russia, despite the disagreements that divide these states into factions. Unlike the mindless Vogarobots, the Holoscreens betray no emotion. Yet they make their own decisions. It is widely understood that the Holoscreens do not work with the Separatists. And yet, it is rumored that there are some dissidence within the network who have been making overtures to a certain boy band, in hopes that a major comeback concert, broadcast live, simultaneously across the intelligence system, might have profoundly beneficial effects on the space occupied by sentient beings.


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